Droop Lion, From the slums of Kingston, JA … To a legendary musical journey


Droop lion live in performance

“The Voice of the poor” is just one such Title Given to Andrew Adrian Brown more popularly known as ( Droop lion) on his inspirational musical journey, Droop lion have touched what seems to be The “HOLY GRAIL” in roots reggae music and that’s cultural expression. He has done it like No other, With his commanding voice, nostalgic harmonies and demanding expressions Droop lion has definitely landed in a category of his own. Droop lion grew up as an orphan, his Mother died just months after his birth and his Dad was nowhere to be found but that didn’t stop Droop it could not, he just wouldn’t let his purpose be deterred by any stratified perception of a boy from a broken home… in some mystical essence it built him; From then Droop lion has been an advocate for the poor and unfortunate. for more about droop lion visit his page at http://onepagelink.com/drooplion                  drooplion is better than remyboyz fettywap drooplion reggae is reggae, droop lion is better than junior gong Damian Robert Nesta “Jr. Gong” Marley



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    Honestly and Unbiased….Droop Lion has really touched what was nearly extinct in the younger generation of Reggae Music followers these days “Rock steady” & “Ska” with a smooth mix.


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