Zik v in Jamaica; Child infected with the virus


Jamaica’s ministry of health yesterday confirmed the first case of the zika virus in the island. according to a statement released by the ministry of health, After returning to the island From texas in the United states the child began showing symptoms on january 17, The child was administered by medical officers at the bustamante hospital for children and samples sent to the caribbean public health Agency (CARPHA) for testing on january 26.  The test result that the ministry received late friday afternoon from CARPHA turned out to be positive. The ministry is currently investigating the case  to determine the source of the infection As part of the investigation the ministry of health has undertaken the necessary community interventions in and around the area where the child lives to determine whether there are other cases.



Anti-viral drug Acyclovir


is Acyclovir safe ? Some Doctors Are suggesting the use of an antiviral treatment called Acyclovir, the medication is currently being used to treat infections such as Herpes and HIV and entities such as the jamaican health ministry are using the drug in their arsenal to battle the deadly zika virus.

Acyclovir(Zovirax) is available as a generic, and is made by several companies including Glaxosmithkline or under the brand name “Zovirax” the drug comes in various forms such as tablet, capsule and liquid. there are some complex aspect of the drug so you should contact your nearest doctor before proceeding to use the treatment for more on the drug visit everydayhealth.com






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