PNP OR JLP :What are we really fighting for, from 1937-2016?

Today, the ninth of February 2016 is nomination day. In the heights of the Jamaican election 2016 due to be held on February 25,2016, Sunday night three supporters of the JLP were shot and killed while several others were injured at a rally in Sam Sharpe Square, Montego Bay, Jamaica while JLP president Andrew Holness was in middle of his presentation.

PNP or JLP: What are we really fighting for from 1937-2016?

What do we have to show having held 16 general elections since Adult Suffrage in 1944?  How far will our opinion and views for the country reach? Can Jamaica eventually become a first world country? Have we really attained independence? Having the ability to exercise self-government usually sovereignty is independence.  In his book We Come From Jamaica Ewart Walter presents that in the years 1943 to 1983 when there was only one party there was unity and focused determination to build a new and glorious Jamaica from the degradation of slavery and apprenticeship. “However the unity that which appeared in the late 1930s to create a new Jamaica suffered some setbacks in the mid-1950s, in 1961 when Bustamante won the election, and again in 1976 and 1980 when the elections were fought by the JLP with the goal of driving out Manley and his policy of Democratic Socialism.”




Manley strived for a sense of self-governance teaching Jamaicans the necessary skills so they could work for what is needed. He developed a relationship with Cuba , which encouraged the building of school such as Jose Marti. Walter highlighted that “Edward Seaga New policy as JLP leader, reverting to old propaganda, sold to his supporters in and out of Jamaica… Manley as a communist. Seaga’s overseas activities in this regard earned him a censure from Parliament on November 9, 1979.” When Seaga came into power its alleged that he gave all the Cubans 24 hours to leave Jamaica. “Norman Manley was not a union man and had no ambitions in that direction” Walter emphasized. He was more for educating the people to eventually take care of themselves, out of this vision he start the Jamaican Movement for Advancement of Literacy (JAMAL) institute. While is opposition Bustamante targets another aspect of life regarded as even more important to human existence-feeding. One party aims to feed the mind and other aim to feed the stomach. Once you cripple the influx of food from the man who regards food as first priority then the ability to use the mind effective is severed.  While if the urge exists to fulfill the mind, putting aside the immediate need for food to achieve that greater goal of self reliance is evident and eventually being able to provide for you and your people for future generation will be possible. The system that seeks to feed you will never teach you to catch the fish and will always hold you dependent. To become conscious in the mind to see what is happening around us and sufficiently doing what it necessary to ultimately sustain yourself and people was Marcus Garvey’s vision, he cried for blacks particularly Jamaica to depend on ourselves, planting what we eat and teaching our successors to do so. However, that was derailed by the needs of the people.

What does your vote ensure? Will our vote make a difference? Are we voting for a referendum how much is known about the constitution? Who appoints the Governor General and what is his role?  All of these are question should be constantly on our mind.



What each party uses as it governing strategy is using the people to divide each other otherwise known as Chaos theory. In this very practical theory each party controls the population by fear using violence and national unrest. Creating chaos in citizens mind and act as the one to make you safe or save you ,while in turn create laws a regulation to keep you further suppressed and derail you from you ultimate independency and social sustenance.

Why is it that the average Jamaican knows almost nothing about the judicial system?  Is it only secular to legislators, why is it not taught at the grass roots level in school? Each child grows up in a country where he/she is not aware of the laws and the regulation that governs the country. Is it a plot, to keep you out the loop and in the dark?

The judicial system does not always strive for fairness and equality. Most of the decision-making process is still heavily based on the racial and economic class system.

One can look at it from the perspective of it being a BIBLICAL POLITICS, where England acts a GOD and all its colonies are its CHILDREN and once colonies are still its CHILDREN, just the one who has turn their back on some of its teaching, BUT they still are its CHILDREN.




BRITAIN Empire still acts a GOD

There aren’t any drastic changes that been made to the constitution of 1937 to 2016? The right the vote is more prevalent; however the urge to create a fair justice system is far from a reality. The dream of living in a country where each individual opinion is valued as a part shaping of the country is fictitious. Your vote doesn’t guarantee anything, it literally put the other man in power, which is willing to rise against you if needs be or anytime you dare oppose again the system. We are merely pawns in a bigger game. Britain is still god and whomever it appoints is an extension of Gods Right Hand. Norman Manley and Alexander Bustamante or Portia Simpson Miller and Andrew Holness, each individual represents something greater that unseen. Each entity carries along with it a specific energy. Each ones objective is to create a sense of betterment for the country, whilst no one really helps. The idea of equipping the people with the knowledge to help themselves died with Marcus Garvey, Sam Sharpe, Paul Bogle and all the other revolutionist. All that is left is Cane (PNP) and Able (JLP) to oppose and turn on each other.


Elementary school, Jamaica, 1936

Source: Colonial Office 1069/369/51, The National Archives, London.

England will always rule, just as the song Walters reflects about in 1936 that  our “elementary school children were taught and are required to stand outside and observe the raising of the Union Jack British Empire Day as they sang Rule Britannia.

When Britain first at Heaven’s command

Arose from out the azure main;

This was the charter of the land,

And guardian angels sang this strain;

Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves

Shall be slaves”

Britain will always rule indirectly, that’s how the governor general comes in play.


There are many other black activist unknown to the public such as African-Jamaica born activist Dr. Oswald E. Anderson a Politician who rose to local politics in 1919 to his defeat in the first election under adult suffrage in 1944. In his article A True Maverick, Henrico Atlink defines “Anderson as different from other black Politician at the time because of his criticism of the Crown Colony government, their commitment to the welfare of the masses, nationalistic fervour and above all his outspokenness to racial discrimination.”

For more information on Jamaican Politics from 1919-1944 and Dr Oswald Anderson read