In Recent highlights dramatic photos have surfaced on both the internet and mainstream media showing over 450,000 Syrians starving to death and millions trapped inside Areas where Aid deliveries have stalled according to the United Nations. The CNN a popular propaganda News Network published in a recent news report that the “ISIS” rebel fighters have erected blockades which has resulted in Food and Medicine not being able to reach certain areas including Madaya and Duma in Damascus, The Story “Their story ” That’s Now being perpetuated across social media is a very misleading one.  BeastBloggerz876 Connected with the Former President of WHO Dr. Fitzroy henry and a journalist who visited Damascus and did a story on the crisis happening in Syria ( the Journalist name is being withheld for security reasons). During a two-day visit by this journalist last month to the eastern towns, resourceful local made do with what they had Fruits and vegetable were gathered from the few Orchards that they could still access without risk being shot by “Government Snipers” Assad’s government. At a checkpoint in central Damascus, a state security official known as Abu Haidar was heard saying ” We like to call it our Starvation Until Submission Campaign”. it’s a phrase used increasingly by Assad’s supporters.  But the Russian Backed government has denied using hunger as a war tactics on the civilians it says the residents have been taken hostage by “terrorist”. The Journalist reported that Blockades were mounted by the U.S backed FSR (free syrian army) but Assad’s government had more larger and critical blockades in and around the Capital.


For months, international pressure has been mounting on Syrian Authorities to open Humanitarian Corridors to deliver Aid to the besieged civilians. under international law, siege is not specifically prohibited however deliberate starvation in a conflict is widely held to be a war crime and the law of armed conflict requires all sides to allow free access of humanitarian relief for civilians. Three security Council  resolution condemning Assad has been Vetoed by permanent member Russia one of His Strongest allies and China making a referral unlikely, the United nation security council only has the power to refer the case to the international Criminal court to which Syria is not really a party of.