WATCH VIDEO: Luciano seeks son’s killer

beastbloggerz876  understands that Menelik McClymont,  19 , From Westminister Crescent, The son of Reggae Superstar Jepther McClymont more popularly Known as Luciano was stabbed to death last Saturday at Parkington Plaza, St Andrew, allegedly because he look at someone, and was asked, “Weh yah look pan mi so fa ?”. He was stabbed by a man about 2:30 pm, but succumbed to his injuries on Sunday.

In a four-minute and 11 second video, Luciano says, ” The youth go school and the man dem lay wait him … mi nuh know weh him and dem have. him mussi pass some youth and dem ask weh yah look pan mi for … some likkle unnecessary ting weh mi see a gwaan wid yute ya nowadays. Dem anxious fi kill, is like them have this bitterness in a  dem heart. it hurt mi fi see how them deal wid it.” According to Luciano, he just needs information as he seeks justice for his son, Who he said had no previous altercation with anyone.