Iphani Ra releases positive track entitled Ghetto Life



Iphani Ra is an underground black activist who chooses music as a medium of expressing his positive messages and highlight the black race struggles against the system. Iphani idolises Haile Selassie I and Marcus Garvey and the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. He is determine to bridge the gap between Jamaicans and blacks in the western hemisphere and Africa. Dancehall/Reggae Recording Artiste Iphani Ra’s ghetto life is steadily accelerating  in Germany other striving in regions in Europe, Check out ghetto life now!!!!

LISTEN MUSIC: Iphani Ra seeks to promote the youths living in what is known as “ghetto” communities. His profound metaphors “if the ghetto is a cow, politicians milk it” defines this track and is predominantly use to highlight the role politicians and the government play in these “ghetto” communities. Ghetto life is on the Steamaz riddim produced by Out Deh Records. Iphani Ra is currently sign to ThunderYard Production and he is active in the studio working on more inspirational new singles to be released soon. A promotional video for his hot single  Ghetto Life will be released next May 2016.

Listen Ghetto life free now!

Steamaz Tracklist:

Kibaki – Life too nice

Flexx –  A weh dem get it from

Singing Sweet –  Reggae music just can’t refuse it

Savage- Life a nuh bed a rose

Bling dawg – To how the place a run

Iphani Ra – Ghetto Life