African clothing that are not mass produced but are individually made by outstanding designers in Africa to preserve the uniqueness of these African outfits are in demand.
Some retailers offer African clothes mass produced from South-East Asia, but these retailers don’t. They offer unique African clothes that are Authentic which gives credit to the origin of African clothing and also helps promote the economic growth of Africa. Check out the TOP 12 Trending Authentic African clothing for ladies and men made by African designers.





Don’t ever be overlooked
Capture the attention of any passer-by with this totally original African “Grand Bubu“. Completely made of mudcloth, this impressive outfit will show others what you’re made out of. The authentic African Mud cloth is rare, only a true man will want to be seen in this.Each garment is completely unique and different. No two are alike



Addis Ababa New Flower

Addis Ababa (New Flower) አዲስ አበባ is a length dress/top. With rare Ethiopian loom made fabric and delicate embroidery and trimmed with rope thread. This Ethiopian top is a rare item and stock is limited, when it is gone it is gone. Made with the finest aesthetic considerations of balance and elegance.

Tabaski Sister

Tabaski (Sister) Hands down one of the most stunning and unique embroidery work–100% unique. This where art and expression come to make a statement about the steady hand of an embroidery artist.  Each embroidery takes over 9 hours to do and only a handful of people in Africa can do this Sherbet ( شربات ) style at this level.

Beastbloggerz876 DESIGNER RADAR

Designer: Asikere Afana

Asikere Afana looks vibrant in her own XANDRA Wrap Top

Asikere Afana is a clothing, accessory and multimedia house founded and directed by Ashley Alexis McFarlane. Asikere Afana meaning ‘sugar-water machete’ in the Akan Twi language, is an ode to Ashley’s Caribbean roots – Jamaican Maroons spoke Twi among other African dialects. Asikere Afana features classic clothing and accessories inspired by Africa and her Diaspora made with vibrant 100% cotton fabrics, luxe + eco-conscious natural materials.

To find out about other African Designers visit . Visit It a global hub of transcending Africa Clothing for males and female.



Zhara Dashiki (CREAM) and (NIOR) by Asikere Afana

ZHARA Dashiki dress is oozing with charisma and playfulness, turn heads with this figure flattering dashiki dress. A little bit of 70’s flare, and a full skirt bottom that nips in at the waist. Keyhole neckline can be opened up by adjusting the button at neck. Billowing sleeves can be pulled up and down. Fabric belt ties at waist. Zipper closure in back. Want it longer? Just make a request. Made in Ghana with 100% cotton and fair trade.


Dashiki 101 is a return to the classic dashiki style of the 60’s and 70’s of the African American revolution. It echoes and era of African pride, looking to Africa as the original home of the Diaspora and wearing that culture without apology. In redesigning the classic dashiki of the 60’s they had one addition design consideration, transforms it from a casual

Ocacia Men’s Dashiki 101

top to a formal one. Note formal cuff and the welt/zipper pocket comes with long sleeve.
Want to really represent Africa try this RBG Dashiki 101

RBG Dashiki 101


Dashiki 101 Sister

Dashiki 101 Sister  (African Diaspora) is available in all kinds of cool colors. With a sophisticated cut to hug the ladies shape. The bottom is curved with embroidery on the bottom hem.

Nhira means Nigeria

Nhira a low neck simple straight clean neck, black or blue high quality linen. A Nigerian contemporary African design with Local Shweshwe South African accents blue or red. 3 buttons and slanted V-neck.



Authentic Shweshwe Tashqui

Tashqui, an elegant formal mens African top made from top quality Linen fabric with South African Shweshwe fabric accents
Tashqui also available in other styles and colour.

Ocacia Tashqui RB


Rangamo Bunama– by Rangamo (Burundi). Embroidered with neck and side accents. This garment is made from a soft comfortable quality local (South African) linen. Excellent for evenings out

The Bunama is an elegant formal mens African top made from top quality soft linen fabric with Shweshwe African traditional fabric accents. This is a rare shweshwe accent.


Ocacia Qaam and Quaam Tekor (BLACK)

Qaam low raised neck, narrow “V” with inset, accent collar breast, and double accent sleeves. Quality Pearl Linen. Perfect for special occasions when distinction is called for.

Qaam Tekor (Black) same low raised neck,with narrow “v” , with inset, trim on collar breast, and double accent sleeves. Quality Silk Linen. Very comfortable, does not crease.

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