UPDATE: Police shot Alpha student on her way to School


On a regular Thursday morning while on her way to school 15 year olf Convent of Mercy Academy (Alpha) student was shot in the head when she was traveling in a taxi on her way to sit an examination. Onlookers say at about 7:00am the students were travelling in a white Honda “robot” taxi when the taxi driver was signal to stop, after which he stopped and complained to the policeman about him being a nuisance.


The taxi driver drove away, however, the car was later force to stop when a police officer from the group open fire at the car at the intersection of North Street and Mark Lane, in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica which pierce the rear windscreen hitting the student of Alpha in the head.


The driver reportedly heard the teen scream out and he looked to his left only to see the girl’s face covered in blood. The driver recalls the incident as terrifying especially to the other teenagers who were in the car, that later begged him to let them out of he car.

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The teen was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital by the taxi driver where she has undergone emergency surgery and is in critical but stable conditions in the Intensive Care Unit. The teen’s family and friends were at the hospital and are still distraught at what happen and prays for the teen’s speedy recovery

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) have launched a probe into the matter and are seeking the police officers who were involved in the incident. President of INDECOM, Terrence Williams says “this is why the Jamaica Constabulary Force has to quickly begin the implementation of its body camera system so it can provide reliable survaillance footage of what really takes place when a police officer is on duty. ”

INDECOM says the scene and motor car were processed by forensic examiners and investigators and statements collected from witnesses.


IN PHOTO: The taxi driver is still in his blood-stained clothing while being questioned by the INDECOM investigators

The incident later sparked a fiery protest in downtown Kingston as this is not the first time that someone is being injured in a vehicle on which the police opened fire.


In fact, the issue was the subject in INDECOM’s annual report released last year.


INDECOM are also asking for anyone with information about the incident to contact them.
Kingston Office: 968-1932
Mobile: 878-0167
Toll free: 1-888-991-5555, 1-888-935-5550