World Brain Day is July 22: KRYS GLOBAL launches Brain and Lifestyle Symposium to highlight Brain Health

Does Food Provide The Brain Hardware For Crime & Creativity?

When we take a deeper look into world we live in, for our babies and growing children,the plight to completely understand oneself and come into a natural fulfillment by adolescence is literally impossible without good culture and moral lifestyle practices.

Most parents today are not into Rastafarian Culture, failing to see it is driving force behind African and Black consciousness and Awareness. The youths problem of bad behavioral pattern stems from prolonged exposure to immoral practices, whether directly or indirectly. In addition to this they are also partaking in the wrong diet which leads to bad thinking and (Neuro) violent behaviors across Jamaica.

People that are limited to overeating sweet foods rooted by a culture are said to be rote-based . They exclude the “tastelessness” of abstract goals like eating for nutrition and focus on eating mainly sweet foods like sugar, oil/fat and salt which exaberates the frontal brain damaging side-effects. At the heart of this colonially driven rote learning and cultural epidemic, is the Caloric Density measuring the mass of calories (energy) in foods.


Examine the diagram carefully and analyse the effects of eating sugars and meats versus eating brain food (vegetables , fruits and legumes)

People will naturally eat to full their bellies since the sensors in the stomach signal the brain to stop eating when it is full.

Oils/Fats are 40 times more caloric than Veggies. Sugars are 15 times more caloric than Veggies. So, a little sugar or oil dressing can disrupt the low caloric intake from your veggies and fruits. The stomach sensors do not check the mixture of foods or their caloric densities, so you must check your foods before you eat.
Food has chemical side-effects on the flesh (cells) of the brain similar to its effects on the flesh of other parts of the body.

Brain Illnesses related to common disease:
– Sugar Damages Your Brain’s Structure and Function and Can Cause Mental Disorders
-High Blood Pressure, Obesity and Diabetes Can Shrink Your Brain

Brain Friendly Laws and Lifestyles Practices: Holistic Food and Governance

The Neuro-Healthy Food Pyramid

Raw vegetables and fruit juice with their therapeutic use in specific ailments. It is the science of the physical structure.

Vegetables are high in nutrients and antioxidants, which reduce memory loss and reduce the risk of cancer. They are also rich in fiber, which helps you feel full longer and keeps your digestive tract healthy.


Fruits are rich in nutrients, especially vitamins. Fruit contains natural sugars which stimulate the brain so we can think faster and recall information more quickly.

Legumes contain folate, which boosts brain power. They are also high in minerals and fiber without the saturated fat found in some animal proteins .

Eggs are rich in Omega-3 acids, which support brain health.

Beans contain nutrients, such as B Vitamins, necessary for healthy brain and nerve cells, as well as for normal functioning of the skin, nerves and digestive system.

Oily Fish is one of the best sources of essential fatty acids like omega-3.

Sweets do not contain many vitamins or minerals. So they are called “empty calorie” foods. They are to be eaten rarely.

Meats are filled with protein and have animal fats (such as DHA and EPA) are valuable for cardiovascular and brain health. They are to be eaten infrequently however.

Detox/Fasting – Science has proven that your body repairs and your brain actually grows when you fast, as the shock of fasting leads it to create new cells.

In summary, for “flexible” neurons and agile brain hardware eat more of your nutrients from Whole Natural Foods and Plant-based sources, and less from Artificial and Animal based sources.


The brain needs ketone and glucose not meat. Note that many families may not achieve this, but it accurately represents the “ideal” diet for optimal health, and we might as well be aiming at the right target.
Some communities such as the Rastafarians and Adventist practice healthier nutrition coach practices. These groups know that health and wellness precedes salvation.

Lifestyle factors can damage your brain’s front lobes. Also “meats” tend to make your neurons tough or less elastic to adapt to new learning.

To find more about food intake and metabolism read A Neuroscience Perspective to Caloric Food Intake and Metabolism: Fundamental Neuroscience by Larry R. Squire (2013)

Problem of the Mistaken Brain: Healthy versus Abused/Enslaved

Can Brain health and biological wellness be enough to learn?
The result of a healthy brain is self directed thoughts. The ability to recognize that in reality there is nothing greater outside oneself. Realizing the greatness within themselves.
Abusing the Brain through the Whip of ‘Education’


By revealing the ‘inherited’ Colonial culture destructively driving the society one can begin to understand the challenges we face as Africans collectively unite for a positive cause. Money, it seems makes the poor man survive and the rich man more powerful. People are trying to show that they are superior than others. Most adults seem to be already lost in this way of wrong before they know it.

Colonially, punishments of flogging and deprivation were used to force people to work against their will and state of wellbeing. To support its expansion, ‘Colonial Education’ was not designed for personal development, rather to delegate so-called ‘Honorable Slaves’ to enforce punishment. 

Now we have Honorable Servants (whether educated or not) using the myth of ‘Education’ (whether by government, religion or business) to deprive so-called uneducated Common Servants without adequate consideration for the basic rights, needs and behavior of human beings. Can people excel contrary to how they are designed to survive and function?

Oppressive ‘Master-Slave’ Colonial Leadership Style 
Both Honorable and Educated Servants are rewarded by the ‘Big-Brains’ Colonial Masters for turning a blind eye to the inhumane practices of colonial governance. Since punishment enforces ‘ignorance’, are people being rewarded for brainlessly conforming without thinking – rote learning? Yes, self-directed autonomous humans are oppressively treated as ‘owner-directed’ robots. This lifestyle depletes their health, relationships and overall ‘wellbeing-ness’, which indicates a contradiction to how Reality expects people to survive and function. 

Example: Can ignorant people miraculously make an educated choice and vote? Is the vote a garrison tradition? Is garrison politics about punishment? Is this a Punishment Democracy? Have we colonially ‘inherited’ a Fake Democracy of Slaves, by Slaves, for Slaves?

The ROOT Problem: Morality’s Mistake About Crime & Creativity

Is it morally wrong to mistakenly punish someone for not performing due to a physical disability or defective hardware, such as a damaged brain due to lifestyle practices? Colonial rote based lifestyles and foods demote and damage the front lobes of the brain.


Can you compare these PET scan on children brain?

A Healthy Brain

The lifestyle practices of this normal child show regions of high (red) and low (blue and black) activity. In regions like the frontal and temporal lobes, at the top, early childhood nutrition, games, training and culture determine how brain neurons network. A healthy brain hardware auto-evolves to achieve greatness through learning the signs, puzzles, hints and cues from challenges. 

“Are these youths The Innovators unknowingly engineered by society?”

An Abused Brain

The lifestyle practices of this institutionalized Romanian Orphan shows the effect of extreme deprivation in infancy. The temporal lobes (encircled) which regulate emotions and receive inputs from the senses are nearly dormant. This results in emotional and cognitive problems which require early special education to address the neural or brain disability. The brain may auto-repair itself via proper nutrition and stimulation 

“Are these youths the Criminals unknowingly engineered by society?”

A healthy human brain is critical for people to participate in the world orchestrated by the ideologies of government, religion and business. How often do we make poor decisions or jump off the cliff expecting the world to react contrary to how it has been designed to work? Crazy? Instead of defective or wrong assumptions and beliefs, let us embrace investigation and research to unearth the world’s design principles. Children unknowingly misbehave, but to avoid penalty they are forced and trained (early) to “retroactively invent/give arbitrary reasons” of apologies to parents faultily thinking that mischief is driven by evil, unruly and poor thoughts instead of brain disability.

What impact does ‘Words’ have on our life

Society has chosen words as a standard means of regulating justice, health, wealth, spirituality, and so on; but what provisions has been made for myriad of Jamaicans biologically incapable of understanding the essence of words? Will they remain disenfranchised and go to hell for acting contrary to societal norms?


Can the Human Brain learn by Spoken/Written ‘Words’? No?

‘Words’ do not effectively create learning (biologically) to enforce behavior, as shown by the Learning Pyramid. Hence, to emulate learning, words are often combined with ‘fear or brutal punishment’ disguised as a reward. People can learn words, but cannot learn by words to enforce motor skill actions. Try ‘reading’ to ride a bike! Colonial Punishment triggers feelings of Fear to fight or flee enemies and block new out-of-the-box learning. Hence punishment uses the body’s survival behavior to cover up the failure of trying to learn and enforce behavior by words. Since words do not create learning and punishment blocks learning, the colonial philosophy is pointless or futile. Is the colonial system essentially about ‘punishing people’ and words used as a cover up for its brutal and barbaric practices?

What can we do?


Recommendations and Action Plan for Stakeholders


1)    Recognize that Jamaica’s Education System colonially tells or lectures people by “words and punishments”, which blocks adaptive learning, enforces ignorance or rote learning, and generates neuro-psychological traumas.

2)    Promote “brain food, fitness and training” as a 90% effective way to modify behavior towards greatness


3)    Promote 90% learning through “teams sharing and practicing” to solve problems

4)    Remove ‘Behavior Punishment’ from ‘Word’ based education, institutions, relationships and goals

5)    Encourage awareness of this research, especially on social media, among teams sharing and practicing to resolve problems

6)    Comparative to the English Language course advocating the effective use of Words, lobby for a course in Best Team Practice for 90% learning

7)    Promote the proposed Team based ‘Education’ with the Fun of Game Playing, instead of being a Colonial ‘Fear’ mandated for Survival; eradicate mental slavery

8)    Individuals require Dietary and Psycho-therapy Training to readily embrace each other’s differences and provide accountability support for each other

9)    Lobby for the use of a Neuro-Psychological or Brain Assessment in allocating resources to improve teaching and learning; people are often unaware of disabilities

10)    Pioneer the launch of Jamaica World Brain Month (July and on 22nd World Brain Day) campaign to highlight brain related challenges and solutions


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