Marcus Mosiah Garvey 129th Birthday celebration anticipated by millions of Africans all over the world


At the heights of the Black consciousness awareness, the black movement is on the rise once more again. The dignity of Black people around the world have now been emphasized, as we are witnessing black athletes competing in almost all sporting categories. Usain Bolt, a black man is currently the fastest man on Earth and has held that title for quite a while.  Reggae and Dancehall, which are of black origin is now more prevalent than ever in different crossed music genres.

Black people have always excel at creating art, however the gap between our intellectual creativity and available resources is too wide. Black people in USA, especially the older folks have always been interested in Garvey. Garveyism took root in Harlem, New York and spread like wild fire to black communities throughout the country. By 1921, it had spread to more than 30 countries, with up to 11 million followers.  They were kept in touch with the movement by newspapers such as The Negro Times, the Black Man and the New Jamaican

In recent days the Red, Black and Green movement is still evident as black people reconnect, remind other black people of the sacred links with Africa and network through various online channels such as social media platforms, to bridge the even greater gaps between Africa and the West.

The Marcus Garvey 129th Birthday celebration has begun at the Bob Marley’s Museum in Kingston, Jamaica and already support have been pouring in from all over the world.

We caught up with the Ubuntu Drum and Dance Theatre who are in Jamaica to perform at the Marcus Garvey Celebration which will be held on 21st at the Irie FM Courtyard in St. Ann, Jamaica. “We are delighted to be in Jamaica to honour The Right Excellent Marcus Garvey, we recently held a fundraiser in Toronto so that we could be here” expressed James who has a huge love for drumming ever since his father who is Ghanaian, exposed him at a tender age to African Culture by sending him to an African school. James, who is now in high school says “the school he now attends is not African neither does it have African outreach programs, but he manages to still stayed connected and is an active member of the group”. James younger sisters who are 9 years old and 8 years old are dancers and are also active members of the group. “We are excited to be perform in Jamaica in recognition of Marcus Mosiah Garvey because events like these help us to display more of our African culture”. Emma conveyed. The Ubuntu drummers and dancers will also be touring the Bob Marley Museum on the August 17, 2016.

The Twelve Tribe movements also kicks off their own Marcus Garvey Celebration on August 17, 2016 also at their Old Hope Road Headquarters. “I will be leaving from the Bob Marley Museum and heading  straight to Twelve Tribe celebration to hold a meditation with the idren. Most of what we do is to see how we can still encourage the yute like the great Marcus Garvey did, and help dem to realise their own value, and to find ways to return to the continent of their ancestors” dub poet Ras Shaddi elaborated when we caught up with him at the ThunderYard studio while he was recording his tribute to Marcus Garvey.

On the 21st of August 2016 the life Marcus Mosiah Garvey will be celebrated under the theme “Breaking the cycle of mental control”. Presenters and entertainers both internationally and locally renowned will pool efforts to enlighten the public about works of the great black leader. Act such as Mutabaruka and the School band, Capleton, Queen Ifrika, Tony Rebel, Bushman, Bongo Herman, Singer J, Anthony Cruz and Lymie Murray and the newest addition to the lineup Rodney Pryce.

All aspects of cultural creativity will be displayed at the Marcus Garvey Celebration as the Nyahbingi drummers, Ubuntu Drum and Dance Theatre, Carifolk Singers and UWI Pano Rhythm Steel Orchestra will all be featured. The Nubian fashion show with Minka and Mutamba will be aimed at showcasing another aspect our African heritage.

African Activist, David Mohammad will be in Jamaica from Trinidad, and Hashmin Nzinga, Dr. Umar Johnson and Professor James Small will represented our African American diaspora.

This year celebrates the 129th Birthday of Marcus Garvey and while efforts will also be aimed at the much needed attention and development of Marcus Garvey’s place of birth as a national heritage site, there are still concern about funds allocation.

Check out the 2015  Marcus Garvey CelebrationMarcus Garvey Celebration and catch the live streaming of the 2016 Marcus Garvey Celebration on the 21st of August 2016 from 6am to 1am.