Policies and Laws are made to be followed, but by who?

It is evident that most of what goes on in society is based upon rules and regulations. Especially in specifically government controlled environments such as schools, hospitals, security forces (JCF and JDF) and churches. Try as you may you can’t escape all of them.  In these facilities it is obligatory for authority to be delegated based on hierarchy. The head issues commands – the subordinates follows these commands.

In schools, the head -teachers issues commands while the subordinates – students conform to these commands. As in the recent incident where a student of the Hopefeild Preparatory School was  thrown out of the school for sporting an “afro” hairdo. Student was told by principal “even if you cut your hair to the last root, you won’t be allowed back into the school” after the incident wasn’t taken public.  This system of doing things also exist in the church, the head-pastor issues instructions and the congregation as a result follows these instructions. The system is no different than the colonial slave system, it’s simply a revised version, different words are used however the core principles remain the same. The slave master at the head enforce rules, while the slaves at the base conform. It is crucial for this colonial system to work, only then does the superior versus inferior complex exist. We all know who is superior and who is inferior based on the direction which delegation flows. This flow will never change.

Hospitals heavily enforce this colonial system. All doctors represent a slave master, each ward is his/her plantation. The slaves masters right hand man is the nurse. The nurses aide becomes a privilege (house) slave. Every patient is a common slave.
A patient is admitted to the hospital. Doctors examines patient and passes on document to nurse. “Doctor says” that is a nurses number phrase. The nurse is obligated to do what the doctor  says. Nurse then goes to the patient a does what she is told to do, no questions asked. Medication is administered to patient, patient is disallowed to ask questions about or refuse treatment.


Information starts the engine, the head is privy to information about the base but not vise versa. Similarly the head can do what it chooses and  there is little or no repercussion. If the base dares to do the same, a whip of discipline is extended. Who is supervises the head? The head. Who supervises the base, the head.
Pregnant lady goes to the hospital to give birth to her child. The child is delivered by the mid-wife. Complications develop during delivery, baby is removed from mother’s care and placed in a nursery. The information the mother recieved is on a need to know basis, simply meaning she needs to know nothing. “Baby is ok” revealed the nurse. “Baby is not okay” the nurse later reveals.  This episode continues,  eventually mother is told  the baby died. Mother is force to accept her lost. In this case who is responsible for the lost of the child? The hospital barely brushed under the carpet this case as they do so many others and continues its daily activity as if nothing had transpired. Why?  Because the head rules. Who will investigate what really occurred? surely not the hospital. Who will remove the curtain of uncertainty? No one, from the hospital. The rules of the hospital are to protect the hospital, not the patient.  Similarly the rules of the school are to protect the teachers and not the students. Who is held accountable  for a student that didn’t learn?  the student.

The colonial system fosters the behavior of right versus wrong. If the head of the hierarchy is always right, the base is always wrong.
When does this absurd cycle end?
The head will never put an end to this chaotic system because it benefits them the most. How will the base get justice? By creating it’s own justice system. How? By uniting efforts, the one man system never makes the same impact the hundredth man system makes. The base has to the form its own alliances by any means necessary and stick together, defending what it believes in.
Patients of any hospital should lobby for union groups to represent their best interests. Survaillance systems should be mandatory for all general area of the hospitals. When perpetrators know they are being watched and the evidence is being recorded, they will be less likely commit these offences.
People should also be more willing to take strict legal actions against both individuals and organizations who create these atrocious acts.