All vinyl copies of ‘Fade Away’ cover sold out


Extremely talented recording artiste Milverton is the unique soul-searing voice behind the reggae-soul rendition of Junior Byles ‘Fade away’, which was featured by Father Culture . The vibrancy created between these two veteran roots reggae artistes resulted in the vinyl copies of this classical hit song to be sold out.



Vinyl copies for ‘Fade Away’

Born on March 3, 1972, to Esmie Bryan and Neville Thompson, Milverton Thompson grew up in the tough, dire, garrisons of Kingston. His mother and stepdad, “helped to foster love and good morals in me that has made me into the man that I am today” Milverton recalls.



Milverton had a great support group while living with his family in the Grants Pen community, it was the encouragement of his siblings and friends which motivated him to develop his remarkable habit of singing while attending the New Day All Age School located in the community. “In the morning while on my way to school, I would sing all types of songs, from Bob Marley to Barrington Levy to Dennis brown”, he reminisced. Milverton was a multitalented child when growing up, with a renowned love for football…he and his teams member took home the all age school football competition trophy in 1986.

Milverton continued his secondary level education at the Tivoli Gardens Comprehensive High school which was a stalwart moment for him . His passion for football was sustained at Tivoli but was short lived by the violence which plagued the community of Tivoli Gardens. The discrepancy between the gangs had caused such ferocity it had hindered him from actually completing his high school education at the institution.

After leaving high school Milverton acquired a skill in welding and used his recreational time to perform on known sound systems. At that time he was going by the name of Little Cas. “Singing on sound systems was my first exposure and musical platform” He conveyed.

He recalled the first moments being brought to a studio called Music Works on Slypen Road in Kingston, Jamaica by prominent producer Tony Lou where he recorded his first two songs entitled ‘Tira’ and ‘Confidential’, after previous exposure from sound systems, producer Super -J invited him to his studio where he re-recorded the track ‘Tira’.

In 1996 Milverton completed several audio tracks for Leroy Sibbles at Sonic Sound recording. Contiguously, he appeared on the White River Bash with aforementioned Leroy Sibbles and Father Culture.

Milverton always recorded positive songs. This distinct characteristics gained him ratings from the paramount producers of music at that time, he recorded for the illustrious Father Romie of Exodus Sound System, later he recorded for some other known producers.

Milverton has been consistently seeking avenues to debut his career, he entered the Tastee Talent Show several times; he entered as a duo with Father Culture two times, but later re-entered as a solo artiste in 1999 and was awarded best original song for his single ‘Mama Bawl’. Forthwith, he was booked for the well established Teen Bash held at Port Henderson Beach, Jamaica.

Presently, Milverton recent single ‘Mr cop’ recorded by veteran producer Steven Stanley is under considerable circulation. In association with established marketing partners Beastbloggerz876 piloting his career, Milverton is poised for immense success in 2016 and beyond.

Another single, which is now receiving enormous love on Youtube is, ‘I cant forget your love’, an intimate romance song that speaks about a remarkable relationship that has ended.


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