The organ trade: time is right for harvesting; MP Ken Baugh

Michael “x” smith -Kingston, Jamaica:

Dr Ken Baugh, Opposition spokesman on health and quality of life, told The Sunday Gleaner that the JLP would support the passage of legislation paving the way for harvesting of organs in Jamaica.


Dr Ken Baugh (M.P)

“A lot of people die before they get on to the list for dialysis,” he said while stressing that transplantation should never be seen as a replacement for dialysis.

“It will be complementary to it.”

In the meantime, JLP General Secretary Dr Horace Chang argued that despite the potential dangers, organ harvesting for transplantation is the way to go.

“It is a necessary part of modern medicine. The scope for abuse exists, so we will have to be careful with the crafting of the legislation,” said Chang


Dr Horace Chang (M.P)

“It is abused in some countries and given our current socio-economic circumstances, the potential to abuse something that can earn income exits,” said Chang, in reference to the black markets that have flourished in some countries which allow organ harvesting.

In those countries, organs are sometimes illegally harvested and sold to the highest bidders.

“We would have to craft the legislation correctly so we don’t leave any space for abuse,” Chang added as he joined the growing debate.

Consultant internist and nephrologist Dr Adedamola Soyibo used the Gleaner Editors’ Forum to argue that the public could be encouraged through sensitization to donate their organs.

He advanced that if persons were to wear wristbands engraved, ‘I am an organ donor’, it would facilitate easy procurement of an organ in the event of a motor-vehicle crash or gunshot wound.

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  1. drewkiercey · February 18

    This is so funny. The minister is funny for all the wrong reasons:

    1. “It is a necessary part of modern medicine” Modern medicine. Have you seen our hospitals lately. The Cornwall regional Hospital has had the same ventilation problem for over six months now and it is still not fixed. When the minister can fix the basic amenities needed to run the health sector, then he can talk about modern medicine. #WheAmbitionAgoWithoutSense #FullAChat

    2. “We would have to craft the legislation correctly so we don’t leave any space for abuse,” Mentioning before the awareness of a black market and then linking that to Jamaica’s eat-a-food mentality and our desperation for employment and money, does the minister honestly believe that legislation will be the answer? Documentation, writing down rules… that is the answer? #WeATryThatWidCrime and it still not working. Only an idiot does the same thing over again and expects different results #TheMinistaNeedFeGohSiddung #EducatedFools

    — Blessings


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